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Acconeer receives largest order yet from NEXTY Electronics worth 1,8 million USD

The order relates to Acconeer's pulsed coherent radar sensor A1 for mass production and is the largest order Acconeer has received so far. The sensors ordered will be delivered to NEXTY Electronics (“NEXTY”) during 2024. A pre-payment of the full value will be made no later than April 2024. NEXTY is a leading Japanese distributor with a particularly strong position in the automotive industry.
CEO Lars Lindell comments: “To receive our by far largest order yet and pre-payment covering NEXTY’s needs for the full year 2024 confirms what we previously have stated that the automotive ramp-up starts this year, which is of course something we are very excited about.”

In addition to publicly announced orders, Acconeer continuously receives orders of smaller amounts which are not publicly announced as they are not considered to affect the share price.

In January 2024 Acconeer announced the intention to carry out a fully guaranteed rights issue and stated that the company is expected to be able to finance its business plan with existing cash until the middle of May 2024. With this payment from NEXTY, this period is extended, and the company now expects to have sufficient cash to operate until the middle of August 2024.