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Rights issue 2021

The Rights Issue during december provides Acconeer with working capital and creates better conditions for realizing the Company’s strategy and business plan.

Preferential right to subscribe
One (1) existing share in the Company entitles to one (1) subscription right. Ten (10) subscription rights entitle to subscription of one (1) new share, i.e., a subscription ratio of 1:10.

Issue amount
Provided that the Rights Issue is fully subscribed, the share capital will increase by a maximum of SEK 116,912.5 by a new issue of a maximum of 2,338,250 new shares.

Subscription price
The subscription price is SEK 60 per new share.

Subscription period
The subscription period runs from 1 December 2021 until 15 December 2021.

Preliminary timeline for the Rights Issue

25 November 2021 Last day of trading incl. preferential rights
26 November 2021 First day of trading excl. preferential rights
29 November 2021 Estimated publication of prospectus
29 November 2021 Record date
1 December – 10 December 2021 Trading in subscription rights
1 December – 15 December 2021 Subscription period
1 December – Until the Rights Issue is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office Trading in paid subscription shares (Sw. “BTA”)
20 December 2021 Estimated date for announcement of the outcome in the Rights Issue