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Get started with Ripple™ and the Acconeer radar evaluation kit

Acconeer radar sensors are fully compliant with the new Ripple 2.0 open radar API standard. This allows developers to use the multipurpose Acconeer radar sensors for a range of use cases.

What is Ripple?

Ripple, first launched in 2022, is an open standard for developing with radar sensors. The main purpose of this standard is to ensure software and hardware interoperability for developers. With the latest 2.0 revision, Acconeer is fully compliant with the Ripple API.

The collaboration group supporting Ripple consists of companies from across industries and expertise areas and expands over time.

The Ripple initiative was forged alongside the evolution of radar technology where the modern sensors are smaller, cheaper, more power efficient and can be used in a diverse set of applications.

Ripple website (hosted by CTA)

Get started with Ripple on Acconeer XE121 evaluation kit

To get started with Ripple for the Acconeer radar sensors, you need:

  • The Acconeer XE121 Evaluation Kit (order here)
  • A Raspberry Pi
  • Getting started package for Ripple on XE121 (.zip)
    – register and download for free from the developer page

The zip package contains example source code in C, libraries and documentation to start developing your own A121 radar applications on Raspberry Pi using the Ripple API.

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