Acconeer’s vision is to be the world leader in small size, low cost, and low power consumption mmWave radar sensing for innovation and sustainability in high-volume products.

Who we are

Rooted in cutting-edge research and high-tech industry, with a passion for innovation and development, we are determined to create a major breakthrough in sensor technology. We work together, engaging the best talents in close collaboration with leading partners and customers.

Together we explore the next sense.

Based on research from Lund University, Acconeer has created a unique radar solution that creates new opportunities for human interaction with technology.

The radar sensor is based on pulsed coherent radar technology and combines extremely low power consumption with high accuracy. The unique characteristics of this radar sensor make it possible to identify materials and detect motion in advanced sensor applications. The small size, only 5×5 mm, and low power consumption are ideal for compact battery-driven and mobile devices.

Acconeer AB is a public company from the south of Sweden listed on Nasdaq First North.


Acconeer is an expanding and international tech company working on an international arena. Being a pioneering tech company means that we’re looking for talented people on a constant basis. If you’re interested in joining our team, have a look at the current job openings.


At Acconeer we put pride in being a reliable and trusted partner for our customers, while minimizing our impact on the environment. To provide high-quality products in a sustainable and reliable way,

It is important for us to comply with quality, social and environmental regulations and best practices. Learn more about our work with sustainability on our Sustainability page.