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Ultra Low Power = Ultra High Benefits

The latest generation of Acconeer’s radar sensors are boasting the world’s lowest power consumption at less than 80 µW when used for human presence detection!

Incredibly compact yet remarkably powerful, these sensors, mere specks in size, exhibit unparalleled capabilities. The sensors can accurately detect distance, speed, and motion of multiple objects up to 20 meters away. Widespread deployment characterizes these state-of-the-art sensors with use cases across diverse sectors globally, spanning automotive, industrial, consumer products, and IoT solutions.

With the sensor’s ability to register millimeter motions, the sensor can precisely detect a sleeping infant in a child seat within vehicle passenger compartments. By integrating Acconeer sensors into cars, accidents regarding left behind passengers can be prevented.

In the IoT space, our sensors have been integrated into a wide range of products, one example being parking sensors. Parking space detectors help companies streamline the process of finding available parking spaces as well as detecting under used parking slots, making it possible for companies to lease these parking spaces for a new or extra revenue stream. Due to the low power consumption, these parking sensors can be mounted and not require any maintenance or battery change for at least 5+ years.

One company using this type of solution is Haltian, you can read their story regarding the Haltian RADAR Parking Sensor here:

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