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Acconeer’s radar sensors are market leading when it comes to combining low power consumption, precision, compact size and low cost. The sensors are being used by system integrators and product development companies in a wide range of sectors and use cases.

Consumer Electronics

Internet of Things & Smart Cities

Industrial & Agriculture


Consumer Electronics

  • Human-machine interaction & Gesture control
  • Distance measurement
  • Obstacles detection
  • Surface classification

”Did you know that Acconeer sensors can make readings with millimeter precision?”

Internet of Things &
Smart Cities

”What about power efficiency? – Acconeer’s radar sensors are installed in solutions that run more than 5 years on a single set of batteries.”


  • High accuracy measurements (robotics & tools control)
  • Material classification
  • Motion and presence sensors
  • Safety applications (human presence detection)

”Do we need to develop our own antenna? – No, the antennas are already integrated on the sensor for measurements up to 20 meters.”


  • Interior detection (passenger detection)
  • Safety and alarms
  • Access control (trunk & door access)
  • Gesture control

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