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Fluids measurements

The Acconeer radar sensors are deployed in installations around the world to monitor states for fluids, such as tank levels or flow speed. The sensors are ideal for these use cases since they operate without problem in harsh environments and with a power consumption low enough to run on a single set of batteries for years.

Sewer and wastewater monitoring

By deploying Acconeer sensors into the wastewater network to detect water levels, the operator and maintenance personell have full visibility of the infrastructure in real time. Critical levels are detected immediately and can even be predicted before they happen.

  • Real time monitoring of wastewater levels
  • Predict potential flooding and raise alarms
  • Ultra-low power consumption – more than 5 years on a single set of batteries

Surface flow velocity measurement

Besides reading vertical liquid levels, our radar sensor can also measure the horizontal flow velocity. By installing the sensor at an angle of 35 – 45 degrees to the surface, you get accurate readings of the flow speed for canals, rivers, flumes and sewers.

  • Measures horizontal flow velocity
  • Works outdoor in any season (-40 to 105ºC)
  • Reads the actual surface velocity directly, no recalculation or approximation based on shifts in liquid level needed.

Tank level indication with mm accuracy

Acconeer radar sensors are used in tanks to measure the liquid level without physical contact with the contents. In the case of plastic tanks, the sensor can even be mounted on the outside of the container and still give accurate readings.

  • Contactless level measurement
  • Measures 0-100% tank level with millimeter accuracy
  • Works with any type of fluid (petrol, diesel, fresh water, grey water and black water)

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