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Innovation Lab

Get inspiration from tech projects by Acconeer engineers, use the assets to evaluate a use case and explore the endless possibilities of Acconeer’s radar technology. And why not try out your own idea?

The projects you find on this page are experimental and intended to inspire and provide basic assets and guidance for anyone who wants to explore these radar-based use cases. In general, they are not continuously updated or supported with official software. For implementations using A111-based modules or EVK, the use case will most likely work just as well or even better using the new A121 radar sensor. Don’t forget to also have a look at our more thoroughly tested and supported Reference Applications!


Tell us about your radar-based project! We’d love to hear from you, get in touch on (We take care to handle your information according to applicable laws and regulations. Learn more in our Privacy Policy).

water level thumbnail

Waste Level Management

The A121 radar sensor is mounted on the lid of a bin to monitor the…
hand detection

Hand motion detection

In this Innovation Lab post, you will learn how to implement a hand detection algorithm…
speed measurement

Speed measurement

The speed of cars and small objects can be measured using the A121 Pulsed Coherent…
surface velocity measurement

Surface velocity measurement

The A121 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor is used to monitor and measure water surface speed…
Vibration measurement

Vibration measurement

Vibration is measured using the A121 sensor. Vibration measurement can be utilized to predict maintenance.
home assistant

Home assistant

The A111 sensor is connected to the home assistant network. The sensor can detect the…
grass detection using the A121 radar sensor

Grass detection

A121 sensor is used to detect whether a device moving over a surface covered in…
Carpet detection

Carpet detection

Acconeer’s A121 sensor is used to determine whether a device is operating on a floor…
the bath university project

University of Bath: Robot mapping and navigation in low-visibility conditions

The University of Bath conducted research using Acconeer’s sensors. Get details on the project and…
gesture control


A121 sensor is used to recognize four types of gestures. Get details on hardware setup…
Acconeer radar based presence

Radar-based presence detection for smart homes

The software for the A111 radar sensor contains support for Smart Home implementations. See how…


Use the XM132 Entry Module to create a touchless button. Find everything you need including…