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New car model using Acconeer radar sensor launched with an estimated value of USD 800 000

Acconeer's A1 pulsed coherent radar sensor is used in a premium-brand car model from a Japanese high-volume car maker for the use case access control, which allows touchless opening of the trunk of a car. Acconeer estimates the total value of this model to USD 800 000 over seven years. The car model is released on the US market and sales to this customer are reflected in sales to Acconeer's distributors.
CEO Lars Lindell comments: “We are excited to see yet another car launch using our solution for access control, on a platform where we have seen several models already from different manufacturers. As we have stated before, we believe radar will replace capacitive sensors for access control and we are confident that Acconeer is way ahead of competitors for this use case.”

The automotive industry is an important business segment for Acconeer. Acconeer’s radar is the pioneer to replace existing capacitive solutions for access control and the company expects radars to completely replace existing solutions. Based on this, Acconeer expects their sales to the automotive industry to grow significantly over the coming years.