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Large Japanese electronics company launches module based on Acconeer’s A1 radar sensor

The new module is a connected, battery-powered device targeting smart presence, distance and level measurements, as well as other radar-based IoT use cases. The module, which is now available to order, can for example be integrated into spaces such as bathrooms or meeting rooms to detect people presence, or put in tanks for measuring liquid levels. Acconeer estimates the value of the launch to USD 200k annually. Sales to this customer are reflected in sales to Acconeer’s distributors.
The company behind this module is a top player in the Japanese electronics market, with a long history of providing components and modules globally. By combining Acconeer’s high-precision, ultra-low power radar sensor with their expertise in module development, a unique offering is created for customers in Japan and worldwide.

Lars Lindell, CEO Acconeer, comments: “We continuously strive to find new ways to reach customers and are pleased to see this launch of a radar module based on our sensor. This opens up for new, innovative IoT products based on the A1 radar sensor.”