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Interim report Q2 2022

In the second quarter 2022, Acconeers net sales amounted to 10,779 kSEK, and the product revenue increased by 120% compared to the same quarter last year. A record number of sensors were sold, 167,654 and 21,294 modules were sold. In total, Acconeer has sold 1,023,177 radar sensors and 79,636 modules since launch. In the quarter 224 evaluation kits were sold, and an accumulated 5,263 EVKs have been sold since launch. The gross margin in Q2 was 62% and as much as 12 new customer products were launched. At the end of the quarter, an evaluation kit (EVK) for Acconeers second radar sensor, A121, was shipped to distributors for sale.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: "The most important news in the second quarter was that we delivered evaluation kits for our new radar sensor A121 to distributors, who have since started selling it to customers for evaluation and product development. Now we look forward to seeing how it will be received by the market. In addition, we once again had a strong quarter, with a new record for the number of sensors sold and as many as 12 new customer launches."



  • Net sales for the second quarter amounted to kSEK 10,779 (7,643).
  • The gross margin on sales of goods was 62 (72)%.
  • Result after taxes amounted to kSEK-12,197 (-11,695).
  • Earnings per share before and after dilution was SEK -0.47 (-0.50) SEK.
  • The cash flow from operating activities was kSEK -10,028 (-9,402).



  • Net sales for the first six months amounted to kSEK 20,900 (15,188) .
  • The gross margin on sales of goods was 62 (73)%.
  • Result after taxes amounted to kSEK-26,078 (-23,571).
  • Earnings per share before and after dilution was SEK -1.01 (-1.01).
  • The cash flow from operating activities was kSEK -21,153 (-18,300).
  • Cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet date amounted to kSEK 117,941 (57,613)



  • Acconeers A1 radar sensor in robot from large global Japanese consumer electronics company.
  • Acconeer received order from Nexty worth USD 147k.
  • New module variants designed to solve component shortage for modules was announced.
  • Acconeers management team members purchased shares through the exercise of the companys warrant program 2019/2022.
  • Acconeer received order from Digi-Key worth USD 400k.
  • Acconeer received order from Asteelflash worth USD 280k.
  • Acconeer receives order from Nexty worth USD 335k.
  • Launch of Evaluation Kit for A121 - new pulsed coherent radar sensor in A1 product family.



  • Acconeer receives order from BEYD worth USD 300k.

The interim report is attached to this press release and available through Acconeers website:

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Lars Lindell, CEO Acconeer, Phone: +46 10218 92 00, E-mail:

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With ground-breaking technology, Acconeer has developed a radar sensor that opens a new world of interaction. Acconeer Micro Radar Sensor, with low power consumption, high precision, small size and high robustness, is a 60GHz robust and cost-effective sensor for detection, distance measurement, motion detection and camera-supported applications with low power consumption. Acconeer combines the advantage of low power consumption with highly accurate pulsed radar systems of coherent radar, all integrated into a component with a surface area of only 28 mm2. The radar sensor can be included in a range of mobile consumer products, from smartphones to wearables, but also in areas such as robots, drones, the Internet of Things, healthcare, automotive, industrial robots and security and monitoring systems. Acconeer is a semiconductor company and, as a business model, sells hardware to manufacturers of consumer electronics products. Acconeer is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market with the ticker code ACCON, Redeye is the companys Certified Advisor (CA) and can be contacted via telephone +46(0)8 121 576 90 or via e-mail For more information: