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Acconeer releases Breathing Rate Reference Application

The new reference application for Acconeer’s A121 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor is intended to shorten the time to market for customers and will be available on the company’s website this week. Thanks to the A121 radar sensor’s unmatched precision when it comes to detecting small movements, it can accurately measure the breathing rate of a person standing, sitting, or lying down.
CEO Lars Lindell comments: “We have several customers looking into the area of vital signs monitoring. With the new reference application for A121 we provide a tool that will simplify their development and shorten the time to market.”

The global market for vital signs monitoring is growing rapidly and to measure respiratory rate is useful in a range of products and use cases. For example, a baby monitor measuring breathing rate can give important information to parents about their child’s sleeping pattern. A device measuring respiratory rate on the nightstand can provide information about a sleeping person’s general health status. It can also be a useful tool for monitoring sleep apnea.