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Acconeer registers an increased number of shares through subscription via warrants

Acconeer AB's share capital and number of shares increases due to the exercise of warrants in series TO3 (2020/2023). As a result, the company is increasing its cash by SEK 6,4 million.
A total of 305,986 new shares were subscribed for in Acconeer AB with the support of the warrants TO3. Subscription has taken place in installments during the subscription period that ran from the first of May 2023 until and including 30 June 2023. The last installment of these subscriptions will be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) shortly.

After the shares subscribed for in connection with the end of the subscription period have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the total number of shares in Acconeer AB amounts to 26,637,783, with a quota value of SEK 0.05 per share. The share capital in Acconeer AB thus amounts to SEK 1,331,889 after the completion of the warrant program.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “The subscription warrants are an important part of Acconeer’s incentive program which is an integral part of attracting and retaining talents, and an attractive way for employees and management to invest in the company.”

In connection with the subscription of shares, some members of the management team have increased their holdings of shares in Acconeer. The current holdings are available on the company's website: