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Acconeer partners with Convergence Promotions to expand sales network in North America

Acconeer has signed a contract with Convergence Promotions LLC to promote and sell Acconeer’s Pulsed Coherent Radar products on the North American market including the US, Canada and Mexico. The contract means that Convergence Promotions will promote Acconeer products and build a large network of sales representatives, starting from today. This way Acconeer will complement the current sales setup with much increased coverage all over North America.
Magnus Gerward, Head of Business Development, Acconeer comments: “The US market is one of the most important ones globally, and we have seen strong sales figures for our evaluation kits there for several years. Based on this we want to strengthen our sales presence, and with the recent decision by the FCC to update the regulations for 60GHz radar the timing to do so is optimal. We look forward to seeing what customers and business leads the collaboration with Convergence Promotions will bring!”

Glenn ImObersteg, President of Convergence states, “It’s a privilege to represent a technology leader like Acconeer in North America, and anticipate great success in bringing their market-leading low-power radar products for IoT, Industry and consumer solutions to our established buyer network and marketing territories.”