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Acconeer announces automotive design win to an estimated value of USD 5 million

Acconeer’s A121 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor has been designed into a first car model from a leading Japanese automotive manufacturer. The design win is for the use case access control, which allows touchless opening of the trunk of a car. The total forecasted value of the design win is more than USD 5 million over a seven-year period starting in 2025. By "design win" Acconeer refers to that the company's radar sensor has been selected for use in a customer product, but it is not equivalent to that an order has been placed.
CEO Lars Lindell comments: “We are happy to see yet another automotive design win, this time with a new manufacturer and the first one in Asia. This means that we now have launches or design wins with four of the leading automotive corporations in the world, which puts us in a very good position on a market that we expect to grow at a high pace over the coming years.”

In total, Acconeer has now seen four launched car models and fourteen design wins in the automotive industry. The total forecasted value of all announced design wins is USD 40 million in the period 2024-2031. A design win is counted when a formal nomination is received, or when forecasted sales can be done with high reliability.