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Acconeer announces 5 automotive design wins to an estimated value of more than USD 4 million

Acconeer’s A121 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor has been designed into five additional car models from a leading Japanese automotive manufacturer, following the one announced in January this year. The design wins are for the use case access control, which allows touchless opening of the trunk of a car. The total forecasted value of the design wins is USD 4 million over a seven-year period starting in 2025. By "design win" Acconeer refers to that the company's radar sensor has been selected for use in a customer product, but it is not equivalent to that an order has been placed.
CEO Lars Lindell comments: “We are happy to see yet another design win with this manufacturer, and we take it as a confirmation that they are happy with our product. This design win together with other recently announed ones are indications that our solution is becoming a standard product with several OEMs, which puts us in a great position for even more design wins in the future.”

In total, Acconeer has now seen 6 launched car models and 26 design wins in the automotive industry. The total forecasted value of all announced design wins is USD 74 million in the period 2024-2032. A design win is counted when a formal nomination is received, or when forecasted sales can be done with high reliability.