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Important step on the way to updated US regulation for 60GHz radar

After the joint proposal by Acconeer and the WiGig stakeholders Intel, Meta and Qualcomm (IMQ) for updated regulation for pulsed radars in the 60GHz frequency band – where Acconeer’s sensors operate – another important step towards updated regulation was taken last week when a group of companies making frequency modulated radar systems (FMCW) agreed with IMQ on a complementing proposal for FMCW radar. The proposals are meant to co-exist and the next step is for the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to evaluate them and turn them into regulations.

The new regulations are expected to open up for Acconeer’s customers to launch more products and new use cases in the USA, where there today are limitations on installation type and emission levels. Acconeer estimates that the legislation will be in place in the US during summer 2023.

Both proposals for new regulation can be read at the website of the FCC, and come after a request from the FCC for the industry to agree what the regulation should be. With these two proposals submitted, it is Acconeer’s view that the FCC has what they need to go ahead.