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Acconeer is keeping all passengers safe together with Volvo

We recently featured in Automotive News Europe article “Volvo’s engineers begin to master a new language: EV”. The article highlights Acconeer’s mission to, together with Volvo, keep all passengers in the car safe and making sure no one is left behind. While Acconeer’s market leading radar sensors can easily fit on the tip of a finger, they are still able to safely register a sleeping baby in a child seat and/or left behind pets in the cabin.

”There are no equivalent statistics for Europe on the number of hot car – or cold car – deaths that have happened, said Volvo, which also hopes the system will prevent injuries to pets left in cars.

The car’s climate system will remain on if people or animals are detected in the cabin, with the aims of lower the risk of hypothermia or heatstroke. Heating or cooling will remain active until the battery runs out of power.

Volvo got assistance creating the system from sensor specialist Alps Alpine of Japan and Sweden’s Acconeer, which makes low-power radars.”

*Excerpt used with permission from Automotive News Europe

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