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Parking Space sensor from IoT Solutions enables better use of city space and reduced pollution

When IoT Solutions integrated Acconeer’s A1 radar sensor in their parking space sensor the accuracy was increased by up to 99% compared to previously used technology, as found in internal product testing as well as through measurements when deployed in real-life use. In addition, the radar data is processed through intelligent detection firmware which makes the product able to identify whether it is a vehicle or some other object over the parking sensor.

The use case is simple – to monitor the occupancy of a parking lot, and to be able to differentiate between a vehicle and another, unidentified, object. Smart parking is a high-value solution to digitize parking lots, which enables municipals and parking operators to optimize usage, improve customer interaction and increase efficiency of enforcement activities. The utilization data be used by municipals to better manage the parking usages and resources and support traffic planning, city development planning and reduction of pollution due to traffic congestion.

Size and power consumption key features when choosing the A1 radar sensor

Once radar had been decided on as the sensing technology, the reasons for picking the A1 sensor were primarily the size and power consumption of the module, which is unparalleled from other radar devices and fits the application perfectly. Other reasons are related to that Acconeer provides a module which integrates all the radar components including the antenna, a digital interface to control the module, as well as an available SDK for integration.

“For the evaluation process we were in close contact with Acconeer’s support team to ensure that we would be in a position to integrate the radar sensor with our system and confirm the radar’s performance for our application. We also bought an EVK, which provided us enough tools to confirm the radar sensor’s performance and capability. Acconeer have always provided us with support to ensure the correct operation and configuration of the devices”, says Eng. Reuben Camilleri, General Manager, at IoT Solutions.

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