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A smarter charging for electric cars

Norway is the leading country in the world when it comes to the number of electric cars compared to the size of the population. Thanks to reduced taxes on electric vehicles and a focus on building a wide charging infrastructure, early in 2022 the share of electric cars rose above 80% of the total of new cars sold.  It’s only logical that one of the smartest car chargers has been developed by a Norwegian company.

The company Enua was founded in the city of Trondheim in 2019 by a group of engineers and car technicians. With the common goal to develop an innovative and smart car charger, they launched one of the most clever solutions on the market — ’Enua Charge’.

What’s so smart about the Enua charger?

The most obvious thing about the Enua charger is that you can take it with you. You simply slide it off the wall mount whenever you would like to bring it. This is handy if you for example want to use it at your country cabin or at your office. Wherever an electrician has installed the smaller wall mount unit, you can use the charger and it works with any type of electric car and power grid.

  • The ’Enua Charge’ is portable – easy to bring with you.
  • Automatic load optimization when deploying multiple chargers on a parking lot – faster charging.
  • ISO15118 compliance & two-way charging – use your car as a power bank.

Using the integrated Acconeer radar sensor to monitor commercial parking lots

There is one more thing. The Enua charger has an integrated Acconeer A1 radar sensor in the front that makes it possible to monitor a parking slot. The sensor points 45 degrees downwards and detects if a car is present. This feature allows for extra intelligence and automation for owners of large commercial parking lots. If a car is present on the slot but it’s not charging, the parking lot attendant will be notified. By having the Acconeer sensor integrated in the charger, shopping centers and parking estate owners don’t have to invest in a secondary system to monitor their parking areas.

About Enua

Enua was founded 2019 in Norway. Multiple engineers and technicians came together with a simple goal of making the lives of electric car owners simpler. With their combined expertise and market knowledge, Enua noticed clear deficiencies in the market, and thus Enua’s first charger was born. ’Enua Charge’ is designed, developed and produced in Norway.