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Cicicom contributes to a more sustainable future for Smart Cities using Acconeer radar sensor

Cicicom, a distinguished Greek company, specializes in delivering complete IoT solutions leveraging Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technologies. With a robust background in software development, Cicicom has engineered a proprietary monitoring platform and mobile applications tailored for monitoring their cutting-edge parking sensors and water meter products. Their objective is to empower cities to achieve smart and efficient operations by automating processes that currently demand significant time, effort, and human resources, while providing comprehensive oversight of their assets.

The company verticals include Smart Parking, Parking Violation Monitoring and Water Metering, showcasing their dedication to addressing critical urban infrastructure challenges.


S-LG-I3 revolutionizes parking occupancy and violation detection


At the forefront of their innovation stands the S-LG-I3, Cicicom’s flagship smart parking sensor. This cutting-edge device integrates triple detection technology, including a geomagnetic sensor, motion detector and the highly acclaimed Acconeer A111 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor. The S-LG-I3 redefines parking occupancy detection, boasting unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Notably, it also offers precise identification of both authorized and unauthorized parking utilizing BLE identification tags, thereby enabling seamless detection of parking violations across various scenarios, including reserved, restricted, time-limited, and paid parking spots.

Complementing this groundbreaking sensor is Cicicom’s plug and play ecosystem, comprising a sophisticated monitoring platform and two mobile applications—one catering to citizens and the other to municipal police. Citizens benefit from a user-friendly app, empowering them to effortlessly locate and be guided to vacant parking spots, save their parking location, and conveniently pay for parking services. This seamless system enhances urban mobility experiences and contributes to reduced car pollution in city centers. Simultaneously, municipal police receive real-time push notifications through their app, guiding them to violation spots for swift inspection and enforcement. Cicicom’s solution simplifies enforcement procedures, allowing for efficient monitoring of extensive areas with minimal personnel while boosting municipality revenues from fees and fines.

Acconeer radar sensor and its Evaluation Kit

Cicicom employs the A111 radar sensor as its distance detector, a choice made for its remarkable accuracy, low power consumption, comprehensive API documentation, and outstanding customer support provided by Acconeer’s engineers. The evaluation process, facilitated by the Evaluation Kit (EVK) and meticulous API documentation, proved to be remarkably straightforward and efficient.

“Developing an exceptional product depends on various factors, and having the right partners is undoubtedly paramount. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our S-LG-I3 parking sensor and our ongoing collaboration with Acconeer and their radar sensor has played an important role in shaping the future of urban mobility.”

Angelos Kapsimalis, Project Manager, Cicicom Ltd

About Cicicom

Established in 2012 and based in Athens, Greece, Cicicom Ltd operates with a clear and compelling vision: to provide clients with the most impactful business solutions available. At Cicicom, this vision transcends technology; it’s about empowering communities, optimizing efficiency, and contributing to a smarter, more sustainable future for all.

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