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Save tons of water with Acconeer's radar sensor

Have you ever been to an airport, cinema, arena or park where either the water in the faucets turns off too quickly or simply keep wasting water after you have removed your hands? By integrating a radar sensor both these problems go away and tons of water will be saved.

Acconeer’s precise and accurate radar sensor A121 can easily be integrated into the tap, or the sink. The radar sensor does not use a timer like the faucets you are used to, it simply reads when your hands reach the entry point and when you remove them. With millimeter precision and robustness against soap, dust and other biproducts the measurements and accuracy will always be on point. With the sensor’s ability to detect motion, however small, preset timers are no longer needed, resulting in superior user experience and far better water waste management.


Read more how 29mm² can save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every year at: