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Magnus Monitors uses radar in their tank level monitor with a completely non-intrusive design

Magnus Monitors founded in 2017, is an IoT enabled cloud based smart telemetry solutions company based in Galway, Ireland, that has developed a connected tank level monitor that features the Acconeer radar sensor. In 2020 when the development team evaluated a number of different technologies for their new line of products, radar was traditionally considered complicated, expensive and in need of mains power. That’s when they tried the new Acconeer radar sensor and it ticked all the boxes for their upcoming tank level monitor in terms of cost, accuracy, and power consumption.

Thanks to the monitor’s battery powered design, the installation process is a minute’s work and just a matter of gluing it onto the tank. The product is unaffected by environmental factors and is designed to operate 24/7/365 for a wide range of industries.

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