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New software version released with certified profiles for all services

Today we have released a software upgrade which contains major improvements for new and existing customers. One of the highlights is significantly increased signal strength by addition of new, fully certified profiles for all services. In addition, a number of other technical improvements have been included to make evaluation, integration and development of customer use cases even easier.

New and fully certified profiles for all services Acconeer’s Radar System Software (RSS) comes with a number of services, using the sensor in different ways optimized for different use cases. In the latest software version, 2.0, there are new profiles for all services. These new profiles have been fully certified according to FCC (US), IC (CA) and CEPT (EU) regulations for radio technology.

Longer pulses significantly increase received signal strength With the profiles released today, longer pulses of the transmitted radar signal are enabled to increase received signal strength. The profiles are numbered from one to five, with radar pulse length increasing with the profile number. By increasing the length of the radar pulse, more energy is transmitted without notably increasing the power usage. This means that a stronger signal will return, and objects can be detected more accurately further away from the sensor.

The changes in the Radar System Software are reflected in the latest version of the Exploration Tool, which lets you try out and explore the new features. You will need to download the latest versions of both RSS and Exploration Tool to activate the new features.

Sign up to find out more and get the latest software on the Acconeer developer site. In the document API 2.0 changes all the updates in this release are described. Find the latest version of Exploration Tool on GitHub, and if you need hardware you can find sensors, modules and evaluation kits (EVK) on Digi-Key.