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Acconeer shows AI-based radar demos at CES 2020

This week Acconeer shows off a range of demos to selected customers and business partners at CES in Las Vegas. Among the demos are the previously mentioned gesture-controlled headphone concept developed together with edge AI company Imagimob. Other demos include a smart speaker, and of course the XM122 IoT module, the world’s first radar system that can run for years on a coin-cell battery.

In the video linked above, you can see a demo of a smart speaker where two A1 radar sensors have been integrated to detect gestures controlling the music. Using deep learning in Exploration Tool, the system has been trained to recognize the following gestures:

  • Swipe – swipe right or left above the speaker to change tune

  • Bounce – play/pause the music

  • Hold – hand is held low or high above the speaker to lower or raise volume

By using two sensors the system becomes very robust and easy to use. More information on how the system is built will come, along with instructions for how customers can evaluate their own AI-based use cases using deep learning in Exploration Tool.

In addition to the gesture control, the speaker has a sensor integrated for Smart Presence detection, which activates the system when a person is approaching the speaker. A demonstration of this concept can be seen in the Smart Presence video released a couple of months ago.