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New reference app: "Touchless button" for the A121 sensor

A new reference application for A121 based sensor units, such as the XM125 module, is now available. This ref app has previously been available for the A111 based modules and is one of the most relevant use cases for the Acconeer radar sensors. The purpose of the reference application is to demonstrate the performance of the Acconeer sensors and to minimize the time to market for our partners.

All our reference apps are included in the SDK and come with specified settings for the Exploration Tool, a use case brief pdf and a user guide.

The ‘Touchless button’ ref app demonstrates how to completely eliminate the need for mechanical buttons. The user simply has to make a “touch” movement in front of the virtual button to open a door for example. The app can be configured to detect hand movements in certain distance ranges to ensure only wanted interactions are registered.

Key functionality of the ‘Touchless button’ reference application:

  • Detect both wave gestures and finger tap gestures
  • Set the detection range to short or long
  • The algorithm automatically recalibrates itself when static objects obstruct the sensor