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Focus use cases

For some focus use cases, assets to facilitate development and decrease time to market are provided. Using a module together with a reference application, pre-defined settings in the Exploration Tool and use-case specific documentation makes the evaluation and implementation smooth.

Each use case comes with the following assets:

  • Use case brief providing an overview of the application and expected results

  • Reference application – included in SDK

  • User guide giving detailed implementation instructions

  • Exploration Tool settings to make evaluation and implementation easier

Select a use case below to learn more and get started!


Use this reference application together with the XM123 or XM131 in order to quickly get up and running with your touchless button products. The app is focused on a reliable and accurate wave-to-exit functionality.

Smart presence

The smart presence application can be used for range of innovative use cases, such as detecting people in rooms, wake-up functionality of devices, and child presence in cars. Use it with the XM122 for optimal power consumption, or with the XM132 for lowest possible system cost.


Contactless monitoring in tank levels using radar. Use the XM132 Entry Module for outstanding system cost or the XM122 IoT Module for connected use cases.


Thanks to its high accuracy, robustness and aperture-less integration, Acconeer’s pulsed coherent radar is a perfect fit for smart parking solutions. Use this reference application together with the XM122 IoT Module to speed up development and shorten time to market for parking sensors.