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Acconeer and the coronavirus

Like most others, Acconeer is following the development of the corona-pandemic, both globally and locally. Naturally our thoughts first and foremost go to everyone directly affected by this virus.


Considering that many distributors in the company’s global network are based in Asia, we have monitored the issue of the coronavirus closely since the initial reports of its development. Until today, we don’t see any significant impact on Acconeer’s business; most ongoing projects continue as planned. Other markets have mainly compensated for the slow-down in activities in China seen during the first part of the year.


– Our staff can, in consultation with their direct manager, choose if they want to work remotely or in the office. Currently, approximately half of the team has chosen to work from home. Our development work is running at a normal pace, and so far, we have been able to fully staff our lab where parts of the development take place. We are, of course, continuously following the official recommendations and are ready to re-plan how we work accordingly, says Lars Lindell, CEO Acconeer.

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