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Acconeer’s latest radar sensor achieves a power consumption less than 80 µW for human presence detection

The latest generation of Acconeer’s radar sensors has the world’s lowest power consumption – less than 80 µW - when used for human presence detection. These sensors are integrated in several car models to detect occupancy on each seat in the passenger compartment, and are accurate enough to even safely register a sleeping baby in a child seat.
While Acconeer’s market leading radar sensors can easily fit on the tip of a finger, they are still able to detect distance, speed and motion of multiple objects up to 20 meters away. The sensors are today deployed in a diverse selection of industries around the world, ranging from automotive and industrial installations to consumer products and IoT solutions. Many of the end products are powered by battery and have high restrictions on power consumption. When configured smartly, these sensor solutions can reach a battery lifetime of up to 10 years. 
The Acconeer team will be showing the products and a broad mix of live demos at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 9-12. For more information and to book a meeting at the CES tradeshow, please contact Magnus Gerward at