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Wastebook has turned Oulu into the capital of smart waste management in Finland

Around 80 percent of waste is collected too early, or too late. It costs extra to both us and our environment. This is the reason Wastebook created Jaete and set a new standard for waste collection.

A Partnership For Oulu

In 2020 a partnership between Wastebook and Haurun Jäteauto Ltd was formed to transform and evolve the city of Oulu’s waste collection and management system. Today 55% of Oulus housing companies use smart waste management and, through data driven analytics the city has optimized not just the routes but the number, type, and size of waste bins. This has resulted in a decrease in collections of 20%, resulting in the ability to serve more clients with the same resources.

The radar chip enables fill level measurement of different waste materials in all kinds of waste containers, even through the container lid. This gives an unprecedented competitive advantage compared with other fill level measurement technologies.

Heidi Happonen, Key Account Manager

Comprehensive Cloud Based Solution

The Jaete sensor measures the surface of the waste in a waste bin or septic tank. It is an IoT device utilizing radar technology from Acconeer that withstands frost and moisture and requires no maintenance. The sensor itself is manufactured by iProtoXi and thanks to the Acconeer A121’s low power consumption the battery life of the sensor is at least 5+ years.

Using Jaete sensors and the cloud service, waste management and hauling companies can monitor the volume of each individual waste bin in real time and automate route planning according to the data. Wastebook’s system enables hauling companies to streamline their operations in logistics and customer service.

Waste data generated by Jaete sensors is also utilized for reporting waste accumulations as more and more companies are required to report specific information about their waste quantities for sustainability reporting and CSRD.

Realtime fill level data can be integrated with logistic software enabling smart routing with dynamic waste collection times providing on time smart waste management.”

Versatility & Security

Different bins require different solutions. The Jaete sensor has acceleration, and temperature sensors besides radar. These allow clients to monitor and to receive alerts if the lids of wheelie bins are left open, or if there are sudden dramatic temperature changes such as fire, and of course when the container is full enough to be emptied.

Bins containing sensitive and confidential information and documents also must be approached differently. These bins are often locked, and only authorized personnel are allowed to open and empty the bin. Sensors applied to these kinds of bins come equipped with velcro, making it possible to swap the sensor between bins without opening them.

The possibility of removing the sensor without opening the bin itself makes it possible to swap out the full bin for an empty one without the need of having multiple sensors.

From Urban Containers To Island Bins

Along the coastline of Finland, remote island makes up a beautiful archipelago. These islands have a limited population and often require special transportation for the waste management companies. Traveling to the island only to find empty bins results in big losses of resources, both financially and environmentally. By integrating Jaete into the island communities, unnecessary trips for waste collection can be prevented and instead optimized for maximal route planning.

About Wastebook

Wastebook has made waste management timely with cloud and IoT technology. Jaete is a sensor measuring waste container surface. It is attached to the lid of a waste container or septic tank. The sensor sends information about the fill level to the Wastebook Jaete cloud and enables waste collection when the container is full. The system also produces accurate waste data for future insights and to be used for decision-making and responsibility reporting.