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Nietzsche Enterprise (NHR) solves the difficulties of finding a free parking slot and detection of any abnormalities of a manhole by using radar-based occupancy sensors and a manhole cover detector

Parking occupancy sensors are produced by NHR with the purpose to detect the presence of a parked vehicle. Most societies today suffer from lack of free parking slots, where Acconeer plays an important role. Acconeer’s radar sensor (A1) enables occupancy detection which lays the foundation of an efficient system to detect the status of nearby parking slots.

With the aid of Acconer’s technology NHR parking occupancy sensors are enabled to recognize whether a parking slot is free or occupied. The recognition of vehicles is possible thanks to the A1 radar Acconeer offers, which can sense the presence or absence of a vehicle. The data and information offered by the sensors does not exclusively refer to free or occupied parking slots, it also includes recognition of illegal parked vehicles in illegal areas and rented parking slots which are not rentable for the public.

Information regarding parking slots is used by drivers in order to plan their driving in a more convenient and satisfactory way. The users also have the possibility to reserve specific parking slots, which is a great comfort to users and their planning. This valuable information and reservation-feature is highly desirable for users in busy-road cities, where the information can be used by the consumer to more easily find an empty parking slot. Criminal proceedings and other commitments in the event of incorrect parking become more easily implemented thanks to the sense of presence of parked vehicles which is enabled by the A1 sensor

The facilitating tracking of free parking slots will simplify for the individual drivers and it also fulfils an important function for parking companies thanks to the increased efficiency when it comes to usage of parking slots. This means an advantage for companies which have strategic parking slots close to the physical business, as the accessed information provided by the sensors enables optimal use of parking slots.

Manhole cover detector, another NHR product equipped with Acconeer’s technology

The manhole cover sensor, provided with innovative technology enables detection of any abnormalities regarding the manhole as well as the water level under the manhole. The cover sensor can for instance detect potential theft, damage or overflow/flood. Acconeer’s A1 radar sensor offers accurate information gathering which enables NHR’s innovative solution. The accurate information gathered is used in order to prevent potential problems before they occur. When the manhole cover sensor detects any abnormalities, an alarm will immediately notify the relevant management department to act.

This solution offered by NHR can spare a lot of problems due to the indication of an upcoming damage before it takes place. The information received in advance enables preventive work. Preventive work is in most cases to prefer instead of acting when the damage has already occurred. NHR’s innovative solution can make cities safer by maintaining good conditions of manholes as well as making flooding prediction more accurate.

Some features and benefits and benefits of the Manhole Cover Detector is:

  • Detecting manhole cover status: a) Open/Close alarm; b) Uneven alarm; c) Burglar alarm

  • Detecting water level in manhole for a) Water level detection in the manhole; b) Flood prediction alarm; c) Congestion alarm

  • Wireless signal report by LoRaWAN or NB-IoT or BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) or ZigBee(802.15.4)

  • Battery-powered with ultra-wide-range 19mAh industrial battery with pulse-protection module.

  • Superior patented Internal antenna penetrating signal under manhole

  • Wireless OTA(Over-the-air) configuration and firmware upgrade

  • Dedicated detection and signal model design available for all customized needs for every tenders

What made you choose the A1 sensor from Acconeer for your product?

Our occupancy parking sensor required Acconeers technology, the A1 sensor to enable the presence recognition of vehicles. The product Acconeer offer is reliable and ease of development. The A1 sensor offers accurate information gathering regarding parking occupancy which is crucial for implementing the parking occupancy sensors. The A1 sensor was the right choice due to its high ability to easy fetch data and conducting data analytics. To collaborate with Acconeer as a company has contributed with great solutions which has facilitated our work with reliable and accurate parking sensors, says Johnson Chang, Executive Vice president, at NHR.