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Social robot LOVOT from GROOVE X launched with Acconeer technology inside

The LOVOT from GROOVE X Inc. was born for just one reason – to be loved by you. To achieve this, a vast amount of advanced technology has been applied. Acconeer’s A111 radar sensor is built into the LOVOT and used for obstacle detection to prevent LOVOT from hitting objects as it moves around.

GROOVE X Inc. is a Japanese robotics company set out to build trust between humanity and robots, to create companions for more enriched and secure living. Unlike other robots for personal use, LOVOT’s purpose is not to provide convenience or functionality. Instead, GROOVE X pursues to create a robot that touches your heart. According to GROOVE X, LOVOT is the one and only robot in this universe that heals your heart. It is possible to love it as your family, partner, or your loved one.

GROOVE X’s goal is simple: to create a robot that makes you happy. When you touch your LOVOT, embrace it, even just watch it, you’ll find yourself relaxing, feeling better. It’s a little bit like feeling love toward another person. LOVOT was born for just one reason – to be loved by you.

Acconeer’s A111 radar sensor solving obstacle detection where other technologies failed
The LOVOT has the A111 radar sensor integrated to detect obstacles, so that it can avoid running into furniture and other objects. Especially in difficult cases like detecting a glass table or glass wall, GROOVE X found that the radar sensor from Acconeer could manage with better result compared to alternative technologies that were tried out.

Another reason for choosing the A111 radar sensor was that it can detect multiple objects. In the future, software upgrades could enable more functions relying on radar, such as Smart presence detection by detecting breathing, and surface detection of objects.

Complex integration made possible through collaboration and support

When building a complex product like a robot, there will of course be challenges to overcome. In the specific case of integrating the A111 radar sensor into LOVOT, some challenges in the evaluation process were derivation of configuration parameters, calibration stability, and thermal issues. To analyze these issues, traditional evaluation applications were not sufficient. However, through collaborative analysis between experts at the two companies, GROOVE X and Acconeer were able to solve the problems by adding functions to the evaluation application.

“Acconeer responded to custom requests from our company for several specifications. We also energetically cooperated in solving hardware and software issues discovered during the evaluation. I think Acconeer was very supportive, we were able to proceed with implementation issues in cooperation,” says Kaname Hayashi, CEO, GROOVE X, inc.


More information about the product, as well as videos of LOVOT, can be found on the LOVOT website and their YouTube channel dedicated to LOVOT.