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XM122 IoT Module back in stock in updated version

The popular and recently sold out XM122 IoT Module is now back in stock in an updated version. XM122 is optimized for battery-driven and connected use cases, and the new version provides increased flexibility with support for a no mount battery connector compatible with a range of common battery connectors such as Vertical Amphenol 10114828-10102LF, Horizontal Amphenol 10114828-10102LF and Horizontal Molex 532617002. This makes it possible to mount a battery connector fit for your use case. In addition, we have added test points for UART_TX and UART_RX, as well as made a few other smaller changes.


Find all the updated information in the XM122 Datasheet (v2.0) or head straight to Digi-Key to get your hands on the XM122 IoT Module, the A1 radar sensor, or any of our other modules and evaluation kits (EVK).