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Look here developers!

Acconeer has launched a new Developer page and a developer tool called Exploration tool.

The Developer page features software download, documents and learning, media, and a FAQ page, all collected at one site to make it easy for developers to find what they need. If you want to know more about the technology behind the product a good starting point is the document called ‘Introduction to Acconeer’s sensor technology’, which gives you the basic introduction to radar and what to expect from our products.

Exploration tool is a set of scripts and GUIs written in Python. Exploration tool is available as open source at the Acconeer Github site, together with a selection of reference applications written in C. The Exploration tool is used to demonstrate the possibilities that the sensor offers in various use cases and applications, and for users to get acquainted with the different types of output from the sensor. Once you are ready to start developing signal processing for your application the Exploration tool is the right place to start with easy access to the sensor API and algorithms provided by Acconeer for your application.