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Sales start for two new car models using Acconeer radar sensors with an estimated annual value of USD 350k


Acconeer's A1 pulsed coherent radar sensor is used in two new car models from one of the top two American high-volume car makers for the use case access control, which allows touchless opening of the trunk of a car. Acconeer estimates the annual value of these models to USD 350k over seven years. Sales to this customer are reflected in sales to Acconeer's distributors.

These new car models follow last year’s launch of an electrical vehicle from the same car maker.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “At Acconeer we are excited to see new models coming from this large player in the car industry, and it confirms that our technology works well and is part of an attractive product. We expect to see more car launches going forward.”

The automotive industry is an important business segment for Acconeer. Acconeer’s radar is the pioneer to replace existing capacitive solutions for access control and the company expects radars to completely replace existing solutions. Based on this, Acconeer expects their sales to the automotive industry to grow significantly over the coming years.

Interim report Q2 2023


In the second quarter 2023, Acconeer's net sales amounted to kSEK 6,399. Close to 15,000 modules and 67,000 sensors were sold. In total, Acconeer has sold 1,656,662 radar sensors and 149,678 modules since launch. In the quarter as much as 425 evaluation kits were sold, and an accumulated 6,669 EVKs have been sold since launch. The gross margin in Q2 was 61% and eight new customer products were launched.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “We are of course disappointed by the weak sales, but seeing strong sales of EVKs and high customer activity we are convinced that the weak sales are due to the general temporary industry downturn. Besides this, the most important event during Q2 was the new regulations for the US market, which will open up for new and existing customers to expand their business in North America.”


  • Net sales for the second quarter amounted to kSEK 6,399 (10,779).
  • The gross margin on sales of goods was 61 (62)%.
  • Result after taxes amounted to kSEK -13,498 (-12,197).
  • Earnings per share before and after dilution was SEK -0.51 (-0.47) SEK.
  • The cash flow from operating activities was kSEK -10,803 (-10,028).


  • Net sales for the first six months amounted to kSEK 16,530 (20,900).
  • The gross margin on sales of goods was 60 (62)%.
  • Result after taxes amounted to kSEK -25,625 (-26,078).
  • Earnings per share before and after dilution was SEK -0.97 (-1.01).
  • The cash flow from operating activities was kSEK -20,535 (-21,153).
  • Cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet date amounted to kSEK 30,541 (117,941).


  • Acconeer signed distribution agreement with Korean TecAhead.
  • Acconeer received automotive design win with a forecasted value of USD 800k.
  • Acconeer received order from Micro Summit K.K. worth USD 138k.
  • Acconeer received order from SweIoT worth USD 104k.
  • Acconeer signed a loan facility agreement of up to SEK 60 million.
  • Acconeer received order from BEYD worth USD 160k.
  • Distribution agreement was signed with Data JCE Electronic.


  • Acconeer partners with Convergence Promotions to expand sales network in North America.

The interim report is attached to this press release and available through Acconeer's website:

Acconeer partners with Convergence Promotions to expand sales network in North America


Acconeer has signed a contract with Convergence Promotions LLC to promote and sell Acconeer’s Pulsed Coherent Radar products on the North American market including the US, Canada and Mexico. The contract means that Convergence Promotions will promote Acconeer products and build a large network of sales representatives, starting from today. This way Acconeer will complement the current sales setup with much increased coverage all over North America.

Magnus Gerward, Head of Business Development, Acconeer comments: “The US market is one of the most important ones globally, and we have seen strong sales figures for our evaluation kits there for several years. Based on this we want to strengthen our sales presence, and with the recent decision by the FCC to update the regulations for 60GHz radar the timing to do so is optimal. We look forward to seeing what customers and business leads the collaboration with Convergence Promotions will bring!”

Glenn ImObersteg, President of Convergence states, “It’s a privilege to represent a technology leader like Acconeer in North America, and anticipate great success in bringing their market-leading low-power radar products for IoT, Industry and consumer solutions to our established buyer network and marketing territories.”

Acconeer registers an increased number of shares through subscription via warrants


Acconeer AB's share capital and number of shares increases due to the exercise of warrants in series TO3 (2020/2023). As a result, the company is increasing its cash by SEK 6,4 million.

A total of 305,986 new shares were subscribed for in Acconeer AB with the support of the warrants TO3. Subscription has taken place in installments during the subscription period that ran from the first of May 2023 until and including 30 June 2023. The last installment of these subscriptions will be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) shortly.

After the shares subscribed for in connection with the end of the subscription period have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the total number of shares in Acconeer AB amounts to 26,637,783, with a quota value of SEK 0.05 per share. The share capital in Acconeer AB thus amounts to SEK 1,331,889 after the completion of the warrant program.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “The subscription warrants are an important part of Acconeer’s incentive program which is an integral part of attracting and retaining talents, and an attractive way for employees and management to invest in the company.”

In connection with the subscription of shares, some members of the management team have increased their holdings of shares in Acconeer. The current holdings are available on the company's website:

Acconeer develops A121-based IoT Module


Following the popularity of our previous XM122 IoT Module, we are now developing a new version using the A121 pulsed coherent radar sensor for even better performance. The new module will be called XM126 and will be the perfect choice for customers looking to create connected, battery-powered products. The product including an evaluation kit (EVK) will be available to buy before the end of 2023.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “Our previous IoT Module is one of our best-selling products and is appreciated by customers who need a connected and power efficient module to integrate directly into their IoT products. With the XM126 we provide them with the option to use the new A121 radar, for even higher performance and data quality.”

The XM126 IoT Module is the second module featuring the new A121 pulsed coherent radar sensor, and will be a low power connected radar module in an optimized circular form factor with a diameter of 33 mm. This IoT module integrates the A121 sensor with the Nordic nRF52840 System on Chip (SoC) that supports a 32-bit 64 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 CPU and supports several options for wireless connectivity. Just like XM122, the XM126 will be compatible with the XA122 Battery Board and the waterproof CA122 IoT Casing.

Acconeer's first module, the ARM Cortex M7-based XM112 High-Performance Module, was released in December 2018, allowing customers to evaluate their use cases on an embedded system with high performance. Since then, the module portfolio has been extended and with the release of the XM126 there will be a total of seven modules available in three different segments: High-Performance Modules for customers who want high processing power, IoT Modules for use cases where built-in connectivity is needed and Entry Modules for lowest possible system cost.

Acconeer releases Breathing Rate Reference Application


The new reference application for Acconeer’s A121 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor is intended to shorten the time to market for customers and will be available on the company’s website this week. Thanks to the A121 radar sensor’s unmatched precision when it comes to detecting small movements, it can accurately measure the breathing rate of a person standing, sitting, or lying down.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “We have several customers looking into the area of vital signs monitoring. With the new reference application for A121 we provide a tool that will simplify their development and shorten the time to market.”

The global market for vital signs monitoring is growing rapidly and to measure respiratory rate is useful in a range of products and use cases. For example, a baby monitor measuring breathing rate can give important information to parents about their child’s sleeping pattern. A device measuring respiratory rate on the nightstand can provide information about a sleeping person’s general health status. It can also be a useful tool for monitoring sleep apnea.

Acconeer signs distribution agreement with Data JCE Electronic


The agreement concerns Acconeer's radar sensors along with related modules and evaluation kits (EVK) for the Israeli market. Data JCE Electronic Inc. was founded in 1995 and provides original, quality, and dependable semiconductors to a wide range of customers.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “Just like Sweden, Israel has one of the most innovative markets in the world with customers globally. We believe the partnership with Data JCE Electronic is a strategic way for us to access that market.”

Ripple 2.0 open-radar API standard now available


Ripple™, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, is an open-radar API standard to enable hardware and software interoperability while accelerating the growth of applications for general purpose consumer radar. Acconeer has been part of the group defining the API, and will be fully compliant with Ripple 2.0 which, unlike previous versions, supports pulsed radar.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “Openness has always been important to us at Acconeer and participating in the work with Ripple goes in line with our business strategy and values. We believe it will help accelerate the integration of mmWave radar in consumer devices.”

The Ripple 2.0 API can already now be found on CTA’s Ripple website, and Acconeer’s XE121 evaluation kit will have support for Ripple from next software release which will be available on the Acconeer developer site before the end of June.

Comment regarding trade among members of Acconeer AB’s management team


Due to questions from shareholders regarding members of the management team's sale of warrants and shares in Acconeer AB, the company clarifies that all persons in the management team continue to retain or intend to increase their holding of shares in the company in connection with the warrant program with the last subscription date of June 30.

Comment from Magnus Gerward, Head of Business Development:

"My sale of a small number of shares in recent days was carried out with the intention of financing the subscription of shares via the subscription warrant program. When the subscription period is over, my intention is to have a larger shareholding in Acconeer than before. I have a long-term positive view of Acconeer and have a very strong belief in the company's development in the coming years."

Acconeer receives order from BEYD worth USD 160,000


The order relates to Acconeer’s A111 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor for customers’ mass production, as well as evaluation kits (EVK) for the new A121 PCR sensor. BEYD is Acconeer's Chinese distributor and remains an important sales channel for the company.

CEO Lars Lindell comments: “After a period of lower activity in China due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we now see an uptake in customer interest and progress again.”

In addition to publicly announced orders, Acconeer continuously receives orders of smaller amounts which are not publicly announced as they are not considered to affect the share price.