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“Sustainability is fundamental to the success of our business”

While we grow our business, we have to do it responsibly. For us, being responsible means openness, honesty and reliability towards all our stakeholders — our customers, employees, investors, partners and society.

Lars Lindell, CEO Acconeer

Saving energy and resources

Minimizing our footprint, in terms of use of energy and resources, is in the DNA of how we think and act at Acconeer. Everything, including ensuring that our sensors have leading power efficiency or that our headquarter office is in an environmentally certified building, matters to us. We work with these questions systematically and in compliance with ISO 14001.

Responsible production

Acconeer works according to the standards set up by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). The RBA framework is a set of corporate social responsibility guidelines for multinational companies to ensure ethical, social and environmental fair play.

Strength through diversity

The Acconeer team is a wonderful mix of people from across the world, all coming together to develop the best radar sensors on the market. We believe that it’s only possible to produce world leading products if you have a world leading workplace where people feel fulfilled and truly appreciated. In the ‘Acconeer Code of Conduct’ handbook we outline our guidelines for a great place to work and other principles for how we should ethically run our business.

Acconeer sensors helping the environment

Here is a selection of our customers who use the Acconeer sensors in solutions and products that help contributing to a better environment and society.






You’re most welcome to contact us in case you have any questions or need more information about how we work, our products or other topics.