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Home assistant is useful for your everyday life because it saves energy and time. Especially when things are piling up on your hands after coming back from shopping, you need to put things down on a table or a floor to turn on room lights. Sometimes people forget to turn off lights when leaving a room.

In this Innovation Lab, the Acconeer A111 sensor is connected to the home assistant network which enables the sensor to communicate and control home assistant devices such as an outlet. The A111 sensor can detect the presence of humans and the movement of hands. This video shows that a lamp on a table turns on automatically when people walk into a room and turns off when they walk out of the room. It also shows how a fan is controlled by the wave of a hand.

On this page, you will find out how to implement home assistant support on your device with the A111 sensor. It is possible to integrate it into any devices which can be connected to the home assistant. If you are interested in trying more radar-based smart home applications, check out “Radar-based presence detection for smart homes” on our Innovation Lab.


To implement this proof of concept, we used the following hardware:


Download the ZigBee example for XM122 from the Acconeer Developer site. In the ZigBee example for XM122 folder, there are “” and “” files in the document folder. Follow the instructions written on both “” and “” files.

Try it on your own and get in touch

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