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Grass detection using the A121 radar sensor

This tutorial covers how to utilize the Acconeer A121 sensor to use a device moving over a surface to detect whether the surface is covered in grass or not. The intended usage is in automatic lawn-mowers, to avoid having to use a fencing system such as perimeter wire. The tutorial also covers how to install the relevant software to get started.


The following components from Acconeer are required for this tutorial and are available at Digi-Key.

You also need a Raspberry Pi, a power bank, and a device to mount the components on. How this was done in this project can be found in the Jupyter notebook.


The first part of this tutorial is implemented in a Jupyter notebook. Here you will get more familiar with the overall concepts, feature extraction, compiling and training the classification model and more.

To execute the notebook, you will first need to download and install Python

In addition, you will need the following python packages:

Numpy: pip install numpy
Pandas: pip install pandas
Keras: pip install keras

These python packages are available through pip which is the package manager included in Python.

You will also need to install Acconeer’s Exploration Tool. To do this, follow the instructions found on Acconeer documentation pages.

Instructions to download and install the Jupyter notebook software can be found here. It is also available through pip.

The pre-recorded data and Jupyter script can be downloaded from Acconeer’s GitHub.

Try it on your own and get in touch

If you try this, or work on something else, we’d love to hear about your project! Please get in touch with us on