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Acconeer and Imagimob combine Radar Technology and Edge AI in gesture-controlled headphones showcase

Nietsche Enterprise first used the A1 radar sensor for vehicle detection in their parking application. The A1 sensor was easy to use and enabled high quality information gathering. Thanks to the good result, NHR has now launched another product based on the A1 radar sensor, the manhole cover sensor.


The manhole cover sensor detects water level andany abnormalities under the manhole. This solution offered by NHR can spare a lot of problems due to the indication of an upcoming damage before it takes place. Read more in our updated NHR customer story.

Together with Imagimob, we have created a gesture control concept for headphones, which we’ll show to selected customers and business partners at CES 2020. The demo showcased has been trained to recognize five hand gestures with high accuracy and close to zero latency. It is the first result coming from a cooperation agreement between the companies that started in May this year. By combining Edge AI software from Imagimob with the Pulsed Coherent Radar technology from Acconeer, the two companies have created an innovative platform for gesture control perfect for consumer electronics products. Read our press release to get the full story!


The gesture-controlled headphone demo is the result of a project partly funded by Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, through their program Smarter Electronic Systems.